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Connections in orange

A young man is sitting at a table in the café, wearing a pair of tangerine colored headphones around his neck, reading from a torn leaflet he has found in the pocket of his jacket. At the table in front of him sits a tall elderly man with a computer tablet, his legs crossed and his finger stroking the glass of the tablet again and again. The partially missing header of the leaflet says ”RANGE” and ”AYS” and below is a ski jacket and and some other garments in the hue of newly peeled carrots. The computer tablet shows the homepage of Princeton University where the old man once was in love with a woman that was younger than himself, although he was married t0 the gray-haired woman who now sits down by his table with a newspaper, knowing nothing about his feelings for the other woman who is now a professor at a Dutch university somewhere. The back of the torn leaflet is blank and the young man makes a crumple of it and puts it on the tray beside his tea cup and the paper sleeve of an Earl Grey teabag. From the pocket in his jacket a business card falls out with the pumpkin colored logo of a hotel where the elder couple once stayed during a weekend journey to the city where the young man lives.

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